Is Worldwide Ecology for next Generations achievable?

Countless ways – same destination, but time is scarce –

Our opportunity through: COMPASS to Balanced Ecology on Earth (CtoBEE)

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In 2015 I already suspected that things would get tough, but so bad, so quickly and worldwide – that took me by surprise: USA plan to dim the sun… and other news like The warmest day since climate measurements began from July 4th 2023. It’s staggering how since 2015 these sorts of news AND those related to them have – felt – multiplied exponentially.

If we only would take the reports halfway seriously (like a child is supposed to take it seriously when you say: “Stove top is hot. Don’t touch it!”), which apart the scientific, have increasingly social and political dimensions as well! We would come to the understanding that it is about the earth (temperature rise, extinction of species, littering of land and sea), the society (relatively small groups express themselves in word and deed, whereby the deeds are on the verge of legality and could be evaluated as quite ‘ambivalent’. The poorest suffer the most by environmental incidents), the politics (ideological concepts with equally financing concepts and a half-life, which nears in the best case that of a legislative period) and also the economy (like a chicken, which lays golden eggs, it is supposed to ‘invest’ relentlessly to fix things up again. That even chickens die pitifully, if they aren’t species-appropriate treated, has gotten around apparently only in expert circles) where things look increasingly grim.

Let’s put it in positive terms and change the perspective: In the business world, a company on the verge of bankruptcy is of particular interest: Where there is high risk (up to and including total loss like our existence), there are also increased opportunities for profit, in case the reorganization succeeds. Aren’t we at the moment in a phase, which opens undreamt-of opportunities, because of the very high needs to escape the ‘liquidation risk’? The opportunities manifest themselves in the possibility of achieving particularly high profits of the most diverse kinds in the future – on condition that the turnaround succeeds and the businesses are really ‘buzzing’ again! Let’s imagine situations like clean oceans, clean air, sufficient food, shared social understanding, hardly weather disasters, political systems based on subsidiarity – for example.

This web page deals with an “education model”, or call it a “quality-management-method” because it can orient and inform us – this includes all people – to both stop reaching for the ‘hot stove plate’ and to voluntarily (!) contribute to reducing the ‘temperature of the stove plate’ to insignificance. Whereby the ‘temperature’ is only one criterion among many that can be included. The 17 SDGs (Sustainable Developments Goals of the UN) would be others. In order to continuously follow this desired direction, a ‘compass’ is needed that reflects this approach:

Welcome to the World of
Compass to Balanced Ecology on Earth (CtoBEE)!

The Mission statement

“Keep it simple – think straight improve and repeat

is so to speak our DNA to support the ecological improvements in the long term.

May the information and points of view of these pages stimulate you to deal personally with YOUR possibilities, where and how you can contribute to the world being worth living for generations to come (see ‘Market Pull’).

Yes, in our fast-moving world we now need to demonstrate a lot of stamina and a good eye for individual needs. But don’t worry, together we should get it done.

The CtoBEE-Team hopes very much for critical readers, constructive feedback on the topics, sincere offers from potential business partners to collaborate and generously given contributions to implement the essential 2 Project Milestones.

Thank you for your time and interest!

Management Summary: Manual and Product Life Cycle (PLC) with specific case examples

Any Business Collaboration or Contribution is very welcome.

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