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We depend on your personal initiative and global foresight to nourish the spirit of healing our nature for us and for future generations:

Contribute now by business collaboration or other ways, and later on preferably buy products with a ‘COMPASS-Number’ showing ‘improvement’ (range from 5,9 – 10).

The Compass to Balanced Ecology on Earth Project collaborates with YOU to bring its 2 key elements to life and works year-round to facilitate and extend the idea of CtoBEE into the world. Join our efforts by contributing today!


A lasting and continuous improvement of our environmental conditions can only be achieved by everyone working together, starting with us, today. If it succeeded without personal sacrifice, it would be worth nothing. The point at which environmental destruction will be irreversible is approaching – and the time is ticking for everyone and everything alike, worldwide.

–   Stefan Hofmann, Founder   –

I'm interested in a kind of business collaboration

Your contribution makes it possible for us to:

  • Ensure the project with its knowledge base (Manual), free accessible information on our web site and results of our pilot projects.
  • Build a first international hub in Seville, Spain.

  • Perform research and development work for CtoBEE with international universities (Europe, America, Asia) and pilot-companies.

  • To do our share to leave a better ecology for us and future generations.

  • Create innovative solutions to bring CtoBEE’s methodology, culture, philosophy & principles out into the world.

THANK YOU for supporting our restless work to build a more collaborative, better informed and finally sustainable world driven by CtoBEE ingenuity.

Sharing links

Sharing links in social media, messengers like WhatsApp, X (Twitter), Telegram, per email, using all the possibilities we provide.

Personal day to day activities

Analyze your personal day to day activities and think on how you, your family, your business environment etc. could reduce the energy, products and fossil energy you use.

CtoBEE: “Keep it simple – think straight improve and repeat