Ways to contribute

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1. Sharing links

Sharing links in social media, messengers like WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, per email, using all the possibilities we provide.

2. Personal day to day activities

A) Analyze your personal day to day activities (from tooth brushing in the morning to switch of light of bedside lamp: where do I consume energy directly (like electric toothbrush, illumination, A/C, electric cooking, coffee machine, internet) or indirectly (products which are prepared with energy like clean water) or fossil energy (like for driving, heating, cooking).

B) And now think on how you, your family, your business environment etc. could reduce the energy, products and fossil energy you use. Normally this reduction is strongly related to reduction in expenses. So, you could start with the costliest categories. BUT since we are strongly interested in improving our ecological situation (CtoBEE: resources and time are critical!) you should start with activities that harm our environment: first, reduce your CO2-footprint (by spending less fossil energy; consume water, electricity wisely; think twice before buying products). Even if you have your own Photovoltaic installation or your electricity supplier sells 100% ecological energy: the less YOU need, the less needs to be produced, delivered and the more resources will be available for your children and other people (think from a global perspective: population is increasing). Other aspects like recycling or feedback to producers we will treat later on.


“Start it simple , think straight , improve your ecological impact and repeat this with further activities and products”

In our blog “3. Consumption” we provide links and information on these subjects.